The Story

The origin story of the 6rightest is a testament to eternal optimism, the power of people skills and a certain courage that only comes from feeling defeated. At its launch the 6rightest was an online magazine featuring stories of local entrepreneurs. The idea for promoting entrepreneurship stems from my collection of experiences working for start-ups. But it was actually most influenced by an unfortunate time in my life when I trusted the wrong people and got swindled out of money. Pushed by my increasing anxiety, and pulled by my love for Toronto, I came back home to the Six. After a year of kickass podcasts in my ears, great books enjoyed in silence, and rejuvenating jogs by the lake, I pieced myself back together. And one day I woke up and I was myself again. Knowing that I am happiest when I’m writing, I decided to stop taking freelance projects and just write for me. So I bought a domain, ordered business cards and registered the business name. 

After only a few months, the concept for the 6rightest began to shift. As a high school teacher, I noticed that entrepreneurship is still neither particularly favoured by the traditional school system, nor by parents. While curricula are changing slowly, there is little support for our out-of-the-box thinkers early on. This is where I noticed a gap, and I realized, I could be the one to bridge it. Inspired by the great entrepreneurs I meet, and the hopeful students I teach, I decided to fuse together my passion for teaching with my interest in entrepreneurship, and use my skillset to help others succeed. Beyond a series of articles, the 6rightest became a non-profit that offers mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. By creating invaluable connections within the business community and sharing stories of local entrepreneurs, it is my goal to help the next generation see that nothing in impossible.


Elżbieta Chmiel
Founder & Executive Director

Elżbieta Chmiel
Founder /
Executive Director
Patricia Lim
Director of Partnerships
Alex Banman