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Growing Identity

What is identity? It is your sense of self: your conditions, your character, qualities, and beliefs. It is what makes you unique. It is both defined by you and shaped by those around you. Forming an identity starts with knowing who you are, discovering your raison d’être, and finding opportunities to live up to your potential and live out your purpose. “Day by day, what … Read More


Brewing Up Innovation

Innovation is connecting ideas that already exist but have not been combined before. Like a railway track that provides new paths between cities, innovation allows for a faster route and easier access to a market. A new railroad shapes the landscape, as an innovation disrupts the market, changing the environment for its consumers as well as its competition. Innovation struck Paul Liberti and Sam Puntillo while … Read More


Stumbled Upon a Gem

It was a warm day in June 2008. I was walking along Lakeshore Blvd. West when I noticed a HELP WANTED sign in a window of small soon-to-be restaurant. As a university student, (who already had a job, but was always looking for extra ways to pay off OSAP), I knocked on the door on a whim. I was greeted by a cheerful chocolate … Read More

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