Elżbieta Chmiel
Founder/ Executive Director

Elżbieta Chmiel is the Founder & Executive Director of the 6rightest, a Secondary School Educator and the owner of Respice Finem, a writing and translation business. She speaks three languages and holds a B.A. in European Studies and a B.Ed. in Intermediate/Secondary Education. She has taught English and French in three countries to students of various age groups. Throughout her career she has worked for a collection of start-ups in media, marketing and hospitality. She is passionate about providing students with opportunities to develop their talents and pursue their ambitions.

Patricia Lim
Director of Partnerships

Patricia Lim started her career while still in high school and has worked for several non-profit organizations in corporate fundraising. After beginning her career at a young age, Patricia realized a gap between the traditional education system and the mind as well as the skill set required to succeed in today’s dynamic business world. Patricia is working with the 6rightest to fill the youth skills gap and develop the next generation of leaders.

Alex Banman

Alex Banman is the owner of Line and Grid, a brand design agency. He helps business clients increase their bottom line through consistent and high-quality graphic branding. With over nine years of experience in his field, Alex has branded businesses in more than 10 different industries. He developed the candid photography style for the 6rightest and produced many photos for the articles.

Jessica de Bruyn

Jessica de Bruyn has been writing and editing for over ten years. She is completing her Certificate in Publishing from Ryerson University and loves working on everything from Young Adult Fantasy novels to brand strategy and content for online businesses. Jessica is the current Programs Co-Chair for Editors Toronto and co-hosts the podcast Pub Hub, which is a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing industry.

“It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us.”– Epicurus

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