Interview Consent & Release Form

Without expectation of compensation or other remuneration, now or in the future, I hereby give my consent to the 6rightest and/or its affiliates to use my image and likeness and/or any interview statements from me in its publications, advertising or social media activities. • This consent includes: (a) Permission to interview, film, photograph, or otherwise make a video reproduction of me and/or record my voice; (b) Permission to use my name; and (c) Permission to use quotes from the interview(s) (or excerpts of such quotes), photograph(s), video(s) of me, and/or recording(s) of my voice, in part or in whole, in its publications, advertising and social media for educational and entertainment purposes. • I will be consulted about the use of the photographs or video recording for any purpose other than those listed above. • There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where these materials may be distributed.
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