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Colour Outside the Lines

“One’s real life is so often the life that one does not lead.” This observation by Oscar Wilde was as true in turn-of-the-century Britain as it is today. Many of us have dreams, goals and talents that we don’t pursue because society divides us into groups and typecasts us. As children we are given colouring books with themes to fit our type. We learn … Read More

Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Fairy tales come true when we write them ourselves. Throughout the years, and especially after taking a few wrong turns in my life, I’ve learned how to write my way out of a rough drama and conjure up my own fairy tale. While the story and setting of your adventure are set, you decide on your actions, you choose which path to take, and … Read More


Stumbled Upon a Gem

It was a warm day in June 2008. I was walking along Lakeshore Blvd. West when I noticed a HELP WANTED sign in a window of small soon-to-be restaurant. As a university student, (who already had a job, but was always looking for extra ways to pay off OSAP), I knocked on the door on a whim. I was greeted by a cheerful chocolate … Read More


Finding Equilibrium

As busy urbanites, we sometimes struggle with finding a work-life balance. We seek equilibrium – slicing our time into neatly designed, colour-coded grids, trying to secure enough time for work, play and rest. Living out this balancing act is work in itself: it takes time and energy to make a plan, and then stay organized and disciplined enough to stick to it. While achieving … Read More

The Patience of Greatness

What is your life’s ROI? Where are you investing your time, energy and resources? Will your investments become assets or liabilities? Do they create value for others and lead to higher returns? Life is a flowchart – each decision we make leads us in a different direction, and inevitably, some lead to success, others to failure. The setbacks are hard to endure, but they … Read More

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