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Brewing Up Innovation

Innovation is connecting ideas that already exist but have not been combined before. Like a railway track that provides new paths between cities, innovation allows for a faster route and easier access to a market. A new railroad shapes the landscape, as an innovation disrupts the market, changing the environment for its consumers as well as its competition. Innovation struck Paul Liberti and Sam Puntillo while … Lire la suite


Following Your True North

So you know where you want to go, but how will you get there? Will you draw a map? Will someone set the GPS for you? Is there a compass to follow? Establishing a goal can come easily, but deciding on a course of action can be like standing at a six-point crossing, paralyzed, not knowing which route to take. However, passion can overcome … Lire la suite


Your Burden, My Treasure

When I was 23 years old I took a job as a fille au-pair in Lyon, France. In the mornings I walked two children to school and one to daycare. Later I picked them all up, made meals for them, took them to the park, and entertained the youngest one while we waited for her siblings at horseback riding, tennis and tae kwon do lessons. … Lire la suite


Just Glide

“Miss, thanks for teaching us this,” commented a student of mine as I explained what all the little acronyms mean on a pay stub. “It’s really practical, not like History or English,” she continued. I ignored the itch to mention that those subjects are also important, but I was just happy that someone notorious for skipping class saw the value of learning about financial … Lire la suite


Riding the Waves of Success

You leave work, stopping by Starbucks to pick up the latté you just ordered on their app. You take an Uber home, order the latest bestseller form Amazon, book a place on Airbnb for your next vacation, and swipe through the latest hotties on Tinder, all while waiting for the Foodora courier to deliver dinner to your door. Technology continues to make our everyday … Lire la suite


Stumbled Upon a Gem

It was a warm day in June 2008. I was walking along Lakeshore Blvd. West when I noticed a HELP WANTED sign in a window of small soon-to-be restaurant. As a university student, (who already had a job, but was always looking for extra ways to pay off OSAP), I knocked on the door on a whim. I was greeted by a cheerful chocolate … Lire la suite


Navigating Winds of Change

If you had to sail across the ocean next week, having never sailed before, how would you do it? As captain of your yacht, you’d probably choose a destination, get a good crew of people who know what they’re doing, learn as much as you could to prepare, and then cross your fingers. With a deep breath you’d set sail into the abyss of … Lire la suite


Where Scope meets Circumstance

Innovative thinkers see challenges as if through a kaleidoscope. We absorb the interaction of colours, shapes and sounds and learn to understand their patterns. We twirl the polygons of endless possibilities, until we capture a tiny speck of white light, the precise millimetre where corresponding angles collapse, where scope meets circumstance. There we see our solution. And it all makes perfect sense.


Finding Equilibrium

As busy urbanites, we sometimes struggle with finding a work-life balance. We seek equilibrium – slicing our time into neatly designed, colour-coded grids, trying to secure enough time for work, play and rest. Living out this balancing act is work in itself: it takes time and energy to make a plan, and then stay organized and disciplined enough to stick to it. While achieving … Lire la suite

The Patience of Greatness

What is your life’s ROI? Where are you investing your time, energy and resources? Will your investments become assets or liabilities? Do they create value for others and lead to higher returns? Life is a flowchart – each decision we make leads us in a different direction, and inevitably, some lead to success, others to failure. The setbacks are hard to endure, but they … Lire la suite

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