So you know where you want to go, but how will you get there? Will you draw a map? Will someone set the GPS for you? Is there a compass to follow?

Establishing a goal can come easily, but deciding on a course of action can be like standing at a six-point crossing, paralyzed, not knowing which route to take. However, passion can overcome you and drive you to start something, even when you’re unsure what that something will become, or what adventures come with it. You may only see the next month in the distance, but like foggy morning dew, slowly disappearing off the windshield, your vision will become clear and far-reaching, and you will find your True North.

“A lot of women…have this idea of who they want to be, and what they want to be, but sometimes, the how is the hardest part.”

When I first started the 6rightest, I only knew three things for certain: 1) I wanted to have an outlet for my writing, 2) I could use my previous work experience to create something new, and 3) I didn’t want to ask anyone for permission for anything. So I just did it, with a few details in mind, and with many not yet figured out. I knew my journey would eventually lead me to more than a blog, but I had no idea how. I just wanted to start, so I chose a direction and set off. Shortly after I had the blog rolling, I found my personal True North, the point where my need for helping students reach their potential meets my passion for writing. My ultimate vision for the Mentorship Program appeared and I veered onto a new path.

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Five years ago, Dorcas Solomon also started a blog, simply because she wanted to share her ideas in an online journal. At first she did not think of it as a business, but later she developed it into an educational platform for women. She had found her True North. With a strong vision, it became clear what she wanted the site to become and she defined the steps she needed to get there. She shifted in this new direction because she noticed that many blogs and media outlets present a narrow view of what being a successful woman means. There are a lot of superficial formulas and checklists to follow in order to be “successful,” yet many articles don’t give useful advice on how to achieve personal success. She explains, “I always feel there’s a huge gap in terms of the how and the what. …And I find a lot of women…have this idea of who they want to be, and what they want to be, but sometimes, the how is the hardest part. …There’s never a formula to success, but there can be…a guide to channel your effort into the right path to create the outcomes you want. And that is very personalized.” Her blog Walk of Promise addresses this gap by giving women concrete advice on relationships, personal growth, career, finance and entrepreneurship. “We show you ‘how,’ not tell you ‘what,’ we provide you with resources, not just information, and we focus on impact, not prevalence,” the site vows.

Photo by Alex Banman

While still working full-time as a Program Analyst for an aerospace company, Dorcas has evolved along with Walk of Promise over the years. Being adaptable and open to change has allowed Dorcas to pivot in various directions when she felt the time was right. Today she has contributing writers and an intern. This year she has also started running educational workshops where the speaker’s content is very much catered to the audience members’ concerns. She takes great care in choosing the right speakers and organizing interactive and informative workshops. To address the fact that success looks and feels differently for everyone, Dorcas gathers insight from the audience before they attend a workshop. When participants register she asks them what their prior knowledge of the topic is, what their main concerns are, and whether they have any burning questions for the speaker. This gives the speaker an excellent idea of what the audience expects to learn and they can ensure the presentation will meet those needs. She wants to make them as practical and informative as possible, so the audience can really learn how the speaker achieved her goals, and how they too can find their path.

“Being able to see women achieve their full potential makes me almost cry…”

Photo by Alex Banman

The workshops are a great success. Women really appreciate the useful advice Dorcas offers and she is just as grateful for all the wonderful people she has met through Walk of Promise. She enjoys connecting with people and is even more inspired to live out her vision when she sees women succeed. “Being able to see women achieve their full potential makes me almost cry, …it inspires me to see that women can have an idea and bring it to fruition, and inspires me to see women just be all their meant and called to be,” she shares. Moving forward, Dorcas plans to host workshops more often, and her long-term goal is to grow Walk of Promise into a consulting firm for women, helping them grow professionally and personally throughout various aspects of their lives.

As Lao Tzu’s famous proverb reminds us, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Walk of Promise inspires women to continue their own quest, embracing uncertain roads, unexpected turns, unpredictable hills, and unplanned diversions. With time, vision becomes sharper and new paths unfold. Your direction may change, but that’s not a step backward, it’s merely a detour teaching you how to get to your final destination. Keep your chin up and your mind focused, walk with purpose, and be kind to others along the way. Take the first step. Follow your True North.

Dorcas recommends reading The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science by Norman Doidge.

Photo by Alex Banman

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